Essential oils

Small bottles with fragrant content

They are called essential oils and are surely known to large audiences of people. However, essential oils are far from being only oils with a very pleasant scent. Their secret is to have many active ingredients if used properly. They are most often found in aromatherapy, as this way they help to improve our well-being and in general enrich the spaces we live in.
Essential oils have been present in our distillery since 1950, when distillers were producing fir tree oil. Later, after 1990, when the distillery was taken over by Mr Jože and Samo Kenda, the production spread to the production of juniper essential oil, and in the last decade to the production of several other oils. Essential oils are actually concentrated plant extracts, which are most often obtained by steam distillation. Handling requires careful and correct use and all warnings and instructions for use must be followed. Only in this way will the use of essential oils be safe.
BF essential oils allows us to maintain the tradition from 1950. The same distilled process in copper steels from the previous century is still present daily in our distillery. We hope you too will feel the authenticity and tradition, and we wish you a pleasant experience.

Essential oils should not be used as a substitute for treatment or medicines. Oils can only help to treat a certain condition. Talk to your doctor first about any treatment with essential oils. Use the product responsibly.

The main literature sources about plants and the healing effects of essential oils:
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Amyris essential oil 10ml

15,00 with VAT

Anise essential oil 10ml

7,00 with VAT

Bay laurel essential oil 10ml

13,00 with VAT

Bergamot essential oil 10ml

14,90 with VAT

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BF aroma vaporizer

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BF tea light holder

18,00 with VAT

Black pepper essential oil 10ml

11,90 with VAT

Chamomile essential oil 10ml

58,00 with VAT

Cinnamon essential oil 10ml

15,10 with VAT

Clove essential oil 10ml

7,00 with VAT

Coriander essential oil 10ml

19,00 with VAT

Eucalyptus essential oil 10ml

7,30 with VAT

Everlasting essential oil 10ml

78,00 with VAT

Fir tree essential oil 10ml

9,50 with VAT

Geranium essential oil 10ml

39,00 with VAT

Juniper essential oil 10ml

11,90 with VAT

Lavender essential oil 10ml

10,50 with VAT

Lemon essential oil 10ml

7,50 with VAT

Lemongrass essential oil 10ml

7,00 with VAT

Orange essential oil 10ml

6,90 with VAT

Patchouli essential oil 10ml

13,90 with VAT

Peppermint essential oil 10ml

7,90 with VAT

Rosemary essential oil 10ml

11,90 with VAT

Sage essential oil 10ml

10,00 with VAT

Scots pine essential oil 10ml

7,50 with VAT

Tea tree essential oil 10ml

9,90 with VAT

Thuja essential oil 10ml

8,50 with VAT

Thyme essential oil 10ml

14,90 with VAT

Valerian essential oil 10ml

49,90 with VAT

Wormwood essential oil 10ml

17,90 with VAT

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