A new version of the unforgettable taste with a hint of tradition.

Berryshka Juniper Brandy aged in oak barrels

Because of the three years of aging in oak barrels is the three times distilled Juniper Brandy a real speciality. With its wonderful amber colour and gentle sweetness Juniper Brandy charms everybody that appreciates originality.

A speciality for special occasions.

Specialty: An exclusive and limited filling of juniper brandy of superb quality aged in oak barrels. A triple distilled, amber colored juniper brandy will captivate you with its noble scent, gently sweet, juicy tones and a touch of oak.
Recommended serve: Serve before - aperitif or like digestif after a delicious meal. Special drink for special occasions.
Ingredients: Juniper berry distillate │Natural spring water
Alcohol: 40 %
Size: 700 ml

IWSC silver outstanding

IWSC Silver Outstanding 2015