An irreplaceable, worldwide classic

London Dry Gin Berryshka

Sensual, bewitching and tender, this classic gin, produced using only the finest botanicals available, is first Slovenian gin ever made. Internationally recognized Berryshka London Dry Gin combines the gentle taste of juniper and carefully selected herbs and spices.

An enticing drink of hidden desires. Taste the unique adventure of the forest and harmony of smells of carefully picked herbs and spices.

Specialty: Made in accordance with the age-old tradition for London Dry Gin using the finest forest botanicals.
Recommended serve: Use to create a refreshing legendary Gin and Tonic, Tom Collins or Berryshka Summer Time cocktail
Ingredients: Alcohol │Juniper berries │Angelica | Iris | Cinnamon | Liquorice | Cardamom | Anise | Cumin | Lemon | Coriander | Natural spring water
Alcohol: 40 %
Size: 700 ml

    WSA Silver 2013                                                          IWSC Bronze 2013                                                                    WSC Bronze 2014




     IWSC Bronze 2014                                                              WSA Silver 2018                                                     HK IWSC Bronze 2018