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Gift Box Berryshka

Uniquely crafted, handmade delights; specially created to blend perfectly with our range of Berryshka liqueurs.

Made with the highest quality, 72% cocoa and enriched with love,
care and the belief in indulgence.

Specialty: Chocolate and berryshka drink perfect partners
Ingredients: Dark chocolate│milk chocolate│white chocolate
Chocolate Ingredients: Dark chocolate (min. 72 % cocoa)│Milk chocolate (min. 33 % cocoa)
Alcohol: 14,5 % | 20 % | 28 %
Choco flavours: Forest fruits│Hazelnut chocolate cream│Blackcurrant│Blueberry
Drink flavours: Aronia | Cherry | Blueberry | Blackberry | Blackcurrant | Walnut
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