Delightful pleasures with charming sensations

Chocolate Truffles with Blueberry Liqueur

The art of giving – delight that special person with a taste sensation to savour.
Treat yourself, your business partner or loved one to a moment of luxury that is Berryshka.
Sensual chocolate with seductive Berryshka blueberry liqueur; the queen of praline.
Gorgeously delicate flavours with a touch of luxury. Elegantly chic, stylishly packaged, a true, hedonistic delight.

Specialty: Truffles filled only with unique Berryshka liqueur
Recommended serve: wicked one bite wonders
Ingredients: Berryshka Blueberry liqueur| dark chocolate (60% cocoa) | milk chocolate (33% cocoa)
Alcohol: 6% Vol.
Size: 160 g