Unique combination.

BrinGin Berryshka

The drink is an exceptional mixture of Juniper Brandy and nine herbs and spices. It makes one taste a lot of juniper, but it leaves a hint of an amazing selection of herbs and spices, that awaken interest of your taste buds.

Think of spring sunshine and raindrops on beautiful flower blossoms. Taste the adventure of the forest and freshness of a clear spring water.

Specialty: A unique drink with carefully selected herbs and spices.
Recommended serve: Serve neat as a aperitif/digestif after a delicious meal or in mix it in Berryshka cocktails.
Ingredients: Juniper berry distillate │Juniper berries │Angelica| Iris | Cinnamon | Liquorice | Cardamon | Anise | Cumin | Lemon | Coriander | Natural spring water
Alcohol: 40 %
Size: 700 ml

   WSA Silver 2013                                   IWSC Silver 2014