Exotic, colourful and tasteful.

Assorted pralines 120g

A collection of exotic tastes in one box. Sophisticated pralines in different colours from natural pigments, filled from classic hazelnut to tropical fruits. A collection that awakens most unfamiliar feelings of joy.

A special box for everyone that appreciates something special.

Ingredients: Dark chocolate | milk chocolate | hazelnut cream | aronia filling | mango paste | basil filling | almond cream | pistachio cream | forest strawberry filling
Chocolate Ingredients: Dark chocolate (min 72% cocoa) | milk chocolate (min. 33% cocoa)
Size: 120 g
Choco flavours: Mango | aronia | forest strawberry and basil | cremino hazelnut | cremino almond | cremino pistachio
Praline assorted 120g_popravki