In Slovenia, nestling at the foot of the ancient forest of Kočevski Rog, we are creating award winning flavours. Carefully selected natural ingredients, rich and velvety flavours, low in sugar and with no artificial colours or additives.

Berryshka spirits and fruit liqueurs can be served neat or they are a unique and rich choice to mix into different cocktails. From the simplest cocktails you can prepare at parties in your home with friends, to the most complex creation by mixology experts in the best cocktail bars.

Let your imagination take you on a true mixing adventure to savour the flavour and evoke the senses.


Cherry liqueur Berryshka

Playful sweetness

Filled with the fresh scent of sunny, summer days and ripe cherries; an irresistible combination of youthful joy and sweet cherry freshness.

Aronia liqueur Berryshka

Curiously cute

Queen of the northern plains, a drink of youthful magic, power and aroma combined with nature’s natural restorative and fresh spring water.

Walnut liqueur Berryshka

Nutty naughtiness

This drink offers a deep, rich flavour of walnuts with a hint of caramel, a smoothly sweet drink with a touch of creamy walnut bitterness. Using the walnuts from centuries-old walnut trees and clear, spring water this drink will conjure up forest adventures, golden leaves and autumn delights.

Blackcurrant liqueur Berryshka

Velvet seduction

Wickedly enchanting; this drink is full of impish love and harmony. Full of forest fruitiness this tangy, refreshing liqueur is a full-bodied, fruitful delight on the tongue and can be drunk short or long.

Blackberry liqueur Berryshka

Tenderness with a hint of exotic forest fruits

Made with tenderness and care this enchanting drink combines a touch of the forest with nature’s harvest, replete with fruits and the fresh scents of nature.

Blueberry liqueur Berryshka

A magical taste of the wild forest

An enchanting drink to captivate the senses; filled with magic, a secret aroma and the mystery of the forest. Experience the unforgettable freshness of blueberries, a splash of vintage Teran wine combined with natural spring water.

London Gin Berryshka

An irreplaceable, worldwide classic

Sensual, bewitching and tender, this classic gin, produced using only the finest botanicals available, is full of tenderness and adventure. The only internationally recognised Slovenian gin.

Juniper Brandy Berryshka

Typically Slovene and very special

Timelessness and passion with the unrivalled character and flavour of wild juniper berries combine to bring you the true taste of the ancient forest of Kočevski Rog and its natural spring waters. One sip is an unforgettable adventure.

BrinGin Berryshka

Utterly unique

Filled with a spring mix of sunshine and raindrops, this uniquely enchanting drink is produced with love and adventure and combines the finest juniper together with nine other herbs for a luxurious experience.

Miniature bottle Berryshka

Cutely enchanting collection

A unique collection of nine Berryshka spirit and liqueur flavours in 50ml miniatures elegantly packed for an ideal gift. Just right to excite.