The Distillery and Café opened once again

After a long time, we have opened our shop, café and distillery Berryshka. 😊 You are very welcomed at our Distillery! Opening hours: Friday 12am – 9pm Saturday 12am – 9pm Sunday 12am – 9pm Guided tours: Saturday at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm Sunday at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm We take the health and safety … Continued

New! Berryshka Gin ‘N Berry Gin

We have added a new Gin to our collection of Spirits! 😊 That is Berryshka Gin ‘N Berry Gin. Gin ‘N Berry Gin – a name that describes our drink perfectly. The Distillery and the Dolenjska region were the main inspirations for the story of this particular Gin. We have gathered all of the advantages … Continued

New! Berryshka Purfl Gin

We have added a new Gin to our collection of Spirits! 😊 That is Berryshka Purfl Gin (Navy Strength Blue Gin). Behind the name Purfl Navy Strength Gin stands a very special story. The story begins in 18th century that is wrapped up together with the right herbs and spices in to the whole. The … Continued

Order your own cake

How to get one? It’s really very simple. Just follow the following steps 😉: It is mandatory to order the cake on phone number: +386 31 70 54 38 You can order it from Monday from 7am till Thursday till 6pm You can come pick up the cake in the opening hours of the Distillery, … Continued

NEW – BF hand sanitizers

Newest product! To our collection of essential oils, we have now added hand sanitizers. They are entirely natural, made in our distillery. We have added some glycerol as well as tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils to our sanitizers, to make them more skin-friendly. Nice packaging made of miron glass with spray ensures easy use. … Continued

Berryshka in America

After a long time of effort and hard work, we have a really good news to share. 😊 Berryshka drinks: London Dry Gin, BrinGin and Juniper Brandy are going to be available on American market! They are going to be available in state Illinois, in Chicago. The drinks are meant to be sold in stores, … Continued