View into the Berryshka distillery


Creation of the only Internationally recognized, quality Juniper Brandy


1 – Selection


The first step in the selection process of the juniper berries is a thorough inspection. We carefully eliminate any dried or damaged fruit; remove the juniper needles and insects ensuring we use only the best, high quality juniper berries in our products.


2 – Grinding


Within the depository, the upper area of our distillery, the electric mill is housed. In here the juniper berries are finely ground before being directly deposited into the copper kettles.


3 – Extraction


The copper kettle distillation process first uses a dry distillation to extract the essential oils. From here the pure distilled junipers are transferred into a fermentation tank where natural spring water from the Kočevski Rog rainforest and specialist yeasts are added before being left to ferment for one month.


4 – Fermentation


The alcoholic fermentation of the pressed juniper berries takes place in the fermentation kettles for a further month. This is a natural process in which, by using yeast, the natural sugars are converted into alcohol. This highly skilled process requires carefully controlled temperature and constant attention to the whole process until the yeast converts all of the sugar to produce alcohol.


5 – Destillation


Producing first class Juniper Brandy is a long and complicated process. Carefully selected, quality ingredients alone are not enough, the process requires extensive knowledge, years of experience and an innate skill. Juniper mash, the liquid obtained from the fermentation process, then undergoes its first distillation in copper kettles to eliminate the remainder of the essential oils. The resulting liquid is then left for a further month in barrels; this allows the liquid to mature, removing any residual traces of essential oils.

Boiling in copper kettles is the second step in the distillation process which results in juniper distillate which then moves on to the third and final stage. This final stage is a speciality of our distillery. Considered to be an important part in creating our high-end, quality Juniper Brandy the third distillation produces our traditional Slovenian drink, pure and with a smooth, velvety taste.


6 – Dilution


Now that we have our exquisite Juniper Brandy we blend it with our own pure spring water, directly sourced from Kočevski Rog rainforest, to reach the level of alcohol (42%) for the perfect drinking experience. The Juniper Brandy is then ready for bottling.


7 – Bottling


Under close supervision the Juniper Brandy moves to the bottling room where each bottle is manually filled, sealed to ensure quality and finally labelled.


Creation of the only internationally recognised, quality London Gin produced in Slovenia

The preparation of genuine London Gin in Slovenia calls for only top quality, first class, pure alcohol. To this we add our selected blend of nine different herbs and spices before distilling in copper kettles before adding our own pure spring water, directly sourced from Kočevski Rog rainforest, to reach the level of alcohol (40%) for the perfect London Gin.