View into the Berryshka chocolatier




Admire their perfection or taste the velvety smoothness, whichever you choose, Berryshka chocolates are simply divine. Once you try them you cannot resist more.

Their only downside is they run out – quickly.



Each and every ingredient of our chocolates are carefully inspected and selected to ensure we provide only the best for you, first class cocoa, low sugar and no artificial colours or additives. A true feast of nature.



How are they made? Naturally, the precise recipe remains a close kept secret known only to Zdenka, our master chocolatier.

The origin of chocolate begins with small cocoa grains that form the basis of chocolate. These are found only inside the fruit of the evergreen cocoa tree which grows only in tropical regions.

Berryshka chocolates achieve their noble taste by using only ingredients sourced from plantations in Dominican Republic where the cocoa grains are grown and produced to the highest standards in quality.

1 – preparation


From cocoa to cocoa mass is an intricate and painstaking process.

Once the cocoa grains are harvested from the cocoa pods they are exposed to sun just long enough to lightly stain them purple. They are then fermented to reduce the level of sugar in the grain which changes their colour to chocolate brown. Following this process they are dried, cleaned and any stones removed before roasting at 120° to produce the rich flavour and colour of cocoa. The following rapid cooling process prevents further internal roasting which could spoil the grains.

The roasted seeds are passed through a press to separate out the kernel from the husk the result of which is a thick, liquid, brown cocoa mass, rich in cocoa butter and fine cocoa particles. The mass is then exposed to high pressure from which the cocoa butter is extruded. The residue is then ground into cocoa powder.

Cocoa butter, cocoa mass and cocoa powder are the three main raw materials from which chocolate is made.


2 – Kneading and rolling

Kneading and rolling

Accurate measurement of ingredients, based on our unique recipe, is essential to ensure our special flavour is consistent throughout. The ingredients are then kneaded together before rolling the dry components with the cocoa butter to achieve a smooth, fine blend. This fine, ground mass is then further rolled to achieve an even smoother texture.


3 – Conching and rolling

Conching and rolling

The thermal, mechanical process of conching is the point at which the fat and lecithin are added. At this stage of the process the chocolate develops nobility, a smooth consistency and melt in the mouth delight.


4 – Thermal treatment and shaping

Thermal treatment and shaping

The chocolate that is imported from Dominican Republic is heat treated, tempered and cooled to the ideal temperature at which the chocolate can be shaped and poured into moulds. We must be careful and regularly check if the temperature is not too low or too high. As soon as chocolate mass has reached the ideal state it is ready to be poured into moulds. This way shells of pralines and the perfect shot cups are made.


5 – Filling


Once dry, the chocolate shells and shapes are ready for filling. The pralines are lovingly filled with delicious, creamy fillings (blueberry, black currant, hazelnut and forest fruits) that our chocolate masters have created. This is a painstaking and precise procedure that requires not only tasteful recepies and accuracy, but a lot of patience and time, too. In the end pralines are covered with chocolate once more. Once completed and dried each praline is carefully removed from its mould, thoroughly checked to ensure that it meets our exacting quality standard before it is ready to nestle in the elegant packaging.


6 – Packing and storing

Packing and storing

Now that the product is complete it is time for the final step of carefully packaging the chocolate products ready for storing in a temperature controlled environment to ensure it reaches you, our loyal customer, in the perfect condition that it left our premises. The chocolate is stored at room temperature of up to 20°C.