About the brand Berryshka

Passionate, loving and bold.

Elegant, creative and flavoursome.

Berryshka is a genuine family creation by a father and son partnership that spans over twenty years.

Initially established by father Jože creating natural, pure essential oils, the mutual cooperation, great skills and a wealth of both knowledge and experience is the strength upon which Berryshka was founded.

The unique range that is Berryshka offers an opportunity to discover new worlds, experience new tastes and genuine flavour and all based upon the family’s belief and trust in good spirits.

Berryshka offers a modern, elegant design of premium quality confirmed by several international awards.
We use only the best ingredients combined with environmentally responsible, renewable energy and modern technological distillation processes.

The Dolenjska Distillery and Chocolatier in Slovenia nestles at the foot of the ancient, forest of Kočevski Rog, the largest primeval forest in central Europe. The place of creations sits alongside natural spring waters the source of which flow beneath the canopy of ancient trees of the forest to emerge in the aquifer adjacent to the distillery and providing a distinct, rich and velvety taste to the unique Berryshka range of spirits, liqueurs and handmade artisan chocolates.

These natural spring waters, pure, clear and sensual, combined with a symphony of fruity flavours, are what make Berryshka unique in both taste and quality. One sip, one bite and your senses will be enfolded with pure pleasure and delight.

Berryshka is proud to be a Slovenian international award winning brand of premium quality.

For real passionable gourmets, daring adventurers who can take the time to enjoy the moment of divine flavours.

The story of Berryshka

To understand Berryshka is to delve deep into a mystical past.

Devil’s Tower has stood within Kočevski Rog since the 17th century where it remains, close to the Berryshka distillery, as a mystical icon that is renowned as a tower where breath taking potions of ecstasy and hidden sweetness were concocted within those mighty stone walls.

For travellers from across the lands, the Devil’s Tower has long represented an escape from mundane reality and into a world of divine mystery.

To go there in the deepest dark of night, in the deepest silence and to listen to the whispering forest, it is said that you can hear an extraordinary story – the story of the Devil’s Tower.

Local folklore and tradition has guided us in our desire to revive this ancient mystery and share with you the spirits of the ancient forest and its pure, spring waters.

Surrounding the tower there stretches a magical garden full of unusual plants, flowers and mysterious scents that draw you deep within the rhythm of the forests; a heady mix of sight, scent and sound you are powerless to resist.

A alluring and sensual woman named Berryshka, after the forest’s berries, she is the true embodiment of desire.

Hers are the magical gardens that surround the tower, filled with nature’s bounty of fresh fruits and herbs with which she would conjure up magical, breath-taking and intoxicating potions.

Even now there is a strongly held belief within the local community that this immortal spirit, Berryshka, still dwells deep within the forest, eager and wanting to pass on the secrets and stories of the forest Gods to anyone wishing and willing to escape reality into the sensuous world of mystery.

However, the secret recipes for these enchanting potions remain a closely guarded and revered family secret because…